Ye ha It's my birthday YES!  First of all I got $50.00, but I spent $20.00 of it I had to my mom made me I got tinker toys, silly puddy, and a ball.  The silly puddy will peel off words backward watch [I like Rainelle written backwards].  I didn't ask her out I was about to but I didn't.  I'm going to try some more stuff tom after school.  We'll be going to Boston Wed.  We went to a cookout at Aunt Kay's house Sharah's B-day is tom.  I still got some attention their was a girl I kept throwing the ball too.  There was a small boy too.  Since it's too cold to have my B-day party I posponing it every week till my party I'll get money or something I should never have one.  We almost finished a scrabble game with the whole family, but we didn't.  My mom was so nice it wasn't even funny, but it was fun.  I got sang happy B-day to at the picnic.  I saw a part of Robocop 2.  In a few days at church everyone will know I like Rainelle.  Two people know Chris & Derick.  Derick owes me $20.00 dollars if he says anything I might just kill Chris.  Just in case you did not know I'm 11 & Rainelle 10 a younger women 2 other people know My mom and me.  Astalavista Buba!!!!!!!

I was tired this morning really tired.  I made a few bucks, but spent $25.26 on toys again.  I spolied myself I could have got a plastic been bag which was $9.00 or the one I got which was $13.00 I didn't hoard money.  I also got 2 more packs of puddy.  A deck of troll playing cards, a troll, and a cool dart gun.  I watch the movie Decivied I think I'm a little peridnoyd.  I have a nighlight.  I also watched a part of Night Court to get my mind off of it.  I broke my glass piggy bank.  I lost 10 dollars which comes to a grand total of $40.00.  I have a better business than Lindsey's see: she buys candy and sells it for more I just sell stuff I don't want for money so she buys-sells I just sell.  So long dude!

I was tired again.  We went to the War Museum.  That was kind of stupid.  We saw some cannons.  We also went to Fort Fun.  I have a good story.  OK here it goes.  The girls took Mark's cap & threw it too me.  I ran with it Mark pushed me down & got my hat dirty.  So I took his hat.  To shortened this story I cut a part so Bennette took his hat.  So he cursed me out.  I got P.Od of at him.  So I took his hat put rocks in it & ran.  After all this I started crying I don't know why but I did.  I told them I got tackled but I didn't.  He ran away slipped started bleeding & said I pushed him what a lier!  He has two real friends now instead of most of the 5th grade boys.  I made a ton of money.  We're starting our trip to Boston.  Whoppee!  NOT  I cramed.  Aloha!

We finally got to Boston.  Thank goodness.  I slept just about the whole way.  I swam & worked out here (that is the motel).  The Bulls just killed the Trail Blazers.  I think I'm going to kill Darin.  I got my knee a little bloody when I was swimming.  I'll be seeing ya!

Lisa graduated today.  I held her balloons for her.  I got a lot of attention.  This is a crappy trip my mom, dad, and cousins are really bugging the heck out of me.  Sharah & Darin are wimps.  They cry over everything I tricked Darin easily.  I rode a subway for the 1st time.  It was fun. Hidey Ho!

Today was granddad's b-day.  We had rib & chicken for dinner.  A half of a chicken was a lot.  I went under water without plugging my nose.  The Bulls lost a easy game against Portland.  Everyone took about 100 pictures it seems.  Aloha dude!

We left Boston today.  On the way back we talked, played games, ate, slept, and complained.  Darin & I talked about girls.  We talked about movies, songs, and the rapture.  We had a connect four championship.  Andre won.  Darin elbowed Aunt Rosyln in the nose, which made her feel really sick.  We almost finished a UNO championship, but we didn't.  We had a good breakfast.  Later dude!

Today my parents went to church without me & my sister.  So I thought I wouldn't get to see Rainelle, but I did!  We got there right when church ended so I saw Rainelle leaving and said hi.  I was pretty happy.  I also saw Matt S. from school.  I got to tell you.  I LIKE RAINELLE!!! as if you didn't know.  We went to Saint John.  Boring.  After church we went to Sadies.  I got sick there.  Back to school for 3 more days only!  Bye dude!

Yippee almost out of school.  2 half-day left = 1 full.  I lost my Social Studies book & probaly have to pay $25.00.  I'm really ticked.  I did a ton of extra credit for math.  My stomach hurts & so does my throat.  My book order came in.  I got 2 Garfield books, 2 joke books, and a pad.  Somehow I paid for 1 dare shirt but I have 2 now?  Bye Bye Bye!

Me & my mother are going to try to get along.  No one said anything about the book.  So I'm not paying for it.  Tommorow is my last day of school.  I got 66 points in 1 turn or scrabble for the word "eject" on a triple the J was on a double letter score.  Later gator!

Today was my last day of school.  Yee-Ha.  I took apart my watch.  It has money in it now 75 cents.  I got a lot of candy, but not too much.  I'm very tired.  I threw away my position.  I took away my terrium.  Farewell!

I went swimming today & yesterday the first one of the year.  Yesterday the pool water was 69 today it was 71.  I've been running back & forth all day.  I read my 6th Garfield book. That pool water was cold.  I'm gonna be tired tom.  Bye for now!

I went swimming again.  No one else has gone swimming yet.  I made a Jordan poster it's pretty cool.  My room is a totally wreck.  I did the chores Adrina used to do for $5.00.  I ale a lot of donuts.  I finally beat Golden Axe 2.  That was hard.  I forgot the code to Sonic the Hedgehog.  Bye for now!

I found out I can eat donuts like crazy.  I had pizza for breakfast and dinner.  I also saw some movies.  My gum were bleeding when I flosed bad sign.  My dad is sick & my sister has been gone all day.  I ate some of my sister's pizza she might be mad.  Signing off!

I think Rainelle likes me.  She came over & sat beside me.  When she & I were working I had to get something on the other side of her so I put my arm around her to get it.  My throat is sore.  The Bulls are the champions.  I'm going to by a mask & snorkel tom.  Sinara!

The mask I bought is crapy.  It stinks.  We're having a thing for Pastor Ron sometime I hope Rainelle is there.  I beat my mom in a scrabble game, but it took me forever.  I ran back and forth 100 times downstairs.  I watched a few movies.  I made the most awesome tent.  In a while dude!

I went swimming today at Chris's house.  I told them they couldn't cuse when I was there.  This is the latest I've stayed up all summer.  I ate a lot of different stuff today.  I'm surprised I am not sick.  Aloha dude!

Today I went out to get dad a father's day present & exchange a mask.  This what I came back with.  A mask, swimming sticks, a basketball pool thing, and some reflector sunglasses.  We watched some movies.  I went grocery shopping with my dad.  On the way back I got to ride in the back of the truck.  It was freezing, but fun.  So long!

Today I went swimming 3 times.  I got some shots at Chris's house.  All I've had to eat today was steakumm & chocalate.  I'm going to Josh's B-day party tom.  I have to go to bed at 12:00 tonight  It stinks, I don't feel all that great.  I'm not suprised.  Todulo dude!

I went bowling at Josh's party.  I got 3 strikes total 2 in my 2nd game.  I bowled 77.  My parents & I went to church to put up some decorations.  When I was there I broke a board.  I'm putting together my Domino Rally game.  Ta Ta!

Today I had to write dad a happy father's day card.  I could only think of 2 things he's done for me lately.  Not to good.  I put together a part of my domino rally thing it works good.  I got out of bed at 3:00.  My mom told me to clean my room as soon as I got up.  I finished at 11:00 pm.  My light bulb blew.  So long dude!

Josh came over to spend the night.  We had Pastor Ron's reciption too.  After that we went to the Kettle & unscrewed the tops of the salt & pepper.  Everyone from church I know was at that reciption except Rainelle.  I had to wear a dumb suit, while everyone else was causual.  See ya dude!

I saw a movie today.  All dogs go to heaven.  Cool.  C.J. came over.  I beat the duel part of Golden Axe II.  Josh, C.J. and I had fun all day.  I have to go to bed at 1:00 but got to bed at 1:30.  Soooo long man!

I found a bunch of new games with my turbo trickster.  The tricks are awesome.  I ate an apple right of Al's (across the street) tree.  My dad pulled it right off.  I'm a pretty good frisbee thrower.  Tom will be my 2 month anniversary of writing in you.  Cool or what.  In a while crocodile!

Happy Anniversary 2 months!  I didn't do much today.  I want to focus on: Ron & Rainelle?  Does she like me?  That is the question she might or might not?  I've had some clues that she could like me for example: she came to sit in front of me, she came to sit right next to me in Childrens Church, and she came to sit next to me in Sunday School.  Well until I get some more update.  Oh yeah I forgot I took apart all my cars.  I'll be seeing you dude!

I saw 4 different movies 2 twice.  I shot a few lightning bugs with my water gun.  I went to sleep at 3:00 because I was watching The Jerk.  I took a bunch of cars apart, and put them back together wierd.  Over & Out dude!

Today I didn't watch any movies surprising.  I am starting a poem book & reading The Mad Scientist's Club cool book.  I only read for a while & are on page 61.  It's weird I seen the time 2:22 for the last few days at night.  I think I'm going to ask my dad to put $40.00 in the bank for me.  Later dude!

I read some more of Mad Scientist's Club & are now on page 136.  I learned how to burn stuff with the sun & a magnifying glasses it is totally awesome.  I went swimming the water almost numbed my toes & fingers.  Just in case you were wondering "I love Jesus." thought I was going to say Rainelle didn't you tricked ya.  Bye for now dude!

Guess who like me well if you guessed Rainelle your correct.  Lacey told me that Rainelle likes me.  Yee ha!!!  We went to Lathan house for aunt Lil's B-day party but, she never showed up so we left.  I came in 3rd place when we were playing 21.  It was boring at his house.  Alstlavista man!!!! Ron [half a heart] Rainelle

My mom, sister, aunt, and me went to see Fried Green Tomatoes.  Aunt Rosyln brought her own bag of popcorn into the movie.  I almost got a spanking from my mom but I didn't.  Thank goodness.  Aloha dude!

I hit my toe real bad a was crying my eyes out.  When I was jumping off the little step between the bedroom the bedroom downstairs & the hall.  I think I bent my toes & foot.  My mom told me I should save the word "love" for later.  So I like Rainelle a whole, whole bunch.  That's all folks!

I watched My Girl & Nessary Roughness.  I saw My Girl twice.  That is a sad movie.  I cried the first time.  My foot feels a little better.  I can walk on it now.  I made a 5 dollar ring.  Also I saw the Dream team play a game.  Bye for now dude!

Today I went to see Batman Returns.  Scott, Sharah, Darin, Adrina, and mom came too.  I put "quiz" on a triple word score.  I got 72 points my highest ever.  After the movie me, Scott, Sharah, and Darin went two MC Donalds we ate & played on the playground.  Bye!

Scott brought Jamie to meet us I think it is his new girl friend.  I have to go to bed early because we are going to play baseball for the 4th of July.  I am getting better at scrabble.  I have to be in bed by 1:00.  See ya!

Happy 4th of July our country is 216 years old.  This morning we went out with some relatives & friends to play baseball.  After that we went to Wendell's house for a picnic.  I was about to yell at a lady, but I didn't.  Bye Bye!

At church Rainelle didn't say anything to me.  I don't know why but she didn't.  Josh & Kelly came over to swim.  I had to take down my tent.  My mom let me wear my pumps to church.  That is surprising.  That's all dude!

I like onions on my hot dogs.  I found that out yesterday.  I saw a movie at home today on video tape. "The Man in the Moon.  Well not much happened today.  Well my parents might make my bedtime 1:00 instead of 2:00.  Bye dude!

I made up a scrabble game that all the best words were on triples.  I went swimming.  I burnt some stuff with my mirospoc.  I took a can from the trash & now my whole room smells like oil.  Later man!

Andre came over he was really starting to get on my nerves.  He is coming over again tom. I went over to Joyce's house he was there too.  I told Becky he can swim but, he can't.  So long!

I saw two movie about doctors today.  Andre came over again.  He thinks an 18 year old girl like him.  yeah right.  We're going somewhere for our vacation.  I don't know where though.  It could be Florida or a lot of different places because of this I have to clean up the kitchen for 3 weeks.  Aloha!

I might be starting my own job I could make $36.00 a week, possibly $144.00 a month.  Big time today was over a 100 F.  I didn't eve go swimming.  I went over to Wendell's house instead of Josh's.  Adrina came over later & we played a game called Claim your Fame or something.  I checked out 5 books from the library.  So, I'll be seeing you.

Today my mom thought of a new business for me tutoring.  I could be making $96.00 a week cool don't you think.  I hope in church tom they won't have the boys & girls split up.  Oh yeah the job yesterday was car wash, but my mom talked me out of it.  I went swimming at night first this year.  I would be teaching to math.  That's all dude!

We went to Pastor Ron's house it was a bunch of fun.  I'm going to spend the night sometime this summer.  I saw Rainelle at Sunday night church I also saw Lacey, Brandon, Eran, Josh, Eran's sister, & Adam's butt.  He got in trouble for that.  I found some sunglasses & a lighter.  My mom let me keep the lighter.  Bye man!

I saw Clasblaca on video.  I think Lacey still might think I like her.  Andre came over I think he invited himself cause I know I didn't.  I got up at 3:02 today.  When I go swimming bugs keep bothering me.  It's really getting on my nerves.  Bon vogoe!

We went to see Alien 3 it was O.K. Andre came over again he told me too get a haircut & clean my room.  I was Jeremy & his band play at some mall.  I saw the end of the All star game.  I want to tell Andre to shut-up, but I'm not.  So long!

My swimming mask is coming apart.  I think I'm going to get one of my friends at church to ask Rainelle out.  I might be going to a baseball game sometime.  I played 2 game of scrabble with my my mom I won 1 & quit  the other.  I just thought their was a robber in my house, but it was just my mom thank goodness.  I also went swimming twice.  See ya!

Perot dropped out of the election.  Right before dinner it started to rain real hard, so I ran outside & jumped in the pool.  I'm going to turn my room into a gym maybe.  But I have to take down my tent.  Bye Bye!

I went over Darin's house because my parents whent to something at church.  I was over there until 1:34.  He gets real boring at night.  I went swimming Mom & Dad were in their too.  I was over at Darin for 5:34 min.  So long!

Tommorow we are going to have a cookout.  The Gatias, Cooks, & Moore are coming with their children.  I saw a movie on a basketball player named "Pistol Pete".  My dad went out & got groceries.  We took all the cans we had 10 bags full to the recyling place & got $3.78 I had to take my tent down for company, so I'm sleeping on the floor.  Farewell dude!

During the cookout Benjamin started getting on my nerves.  He wouldn't do what I told him & he broke one of my toys.  I told them they couldn't play my Sega but they did anyway.  Rainelle wasn't at church.  Nobody even really talked to me at church.  Next time dude!

My parents went to putt-putt.  Me & Adrina went to see Beethoven the dog movie.  David Letterman's show was really stupid but funny.  I read the longest scripture in the bible Psalms 119.  Over & Out!

I'm writing Psalms 119.  I can't find my regular flashlight so I'm using clock light.  I played 2 new games with my mom & beat her it both.  They were "Upwords" & "Believe it or Not".  I finished another book & starting another.  I don't think I'm going to ask Rainelle out why you ask because one of us would end up dumping each other which I hate.  On the other hand I would get to sit by her & even maybe hold her hand!  So for right now I'm undecieded.  You never even know maybe a kiss!!!  I wish they would change seating arangement at church.  Good bye dude!

I saw a movie & a Tiny Toons How I spent my Vacation movie too.  I was up to 4:00 am last night reading I'm going to try to stay up too 5:00 & hear my dad.  I beat my mom in a scrabble game.  My sister rented me the game Jordan vs Bird for Sega.  It is pretty fun.  The upword board helped me on my scrabble game.  Aloha!

I saw Kuffs & my sister rented me another Sega tape, but I forgot the name of it.  I got 29 out of 30 on Bird 3 point shooting.  I got 131 on Jordan slams.  My mom is having her students over tom.  I told my sister to wake me up about 12:30-1:00 somewhere around there.  I'm going to see Honey I Shrunk the Kids on tape tom.  I beat my mom again in scrabble.  That's all dude!

I killed a fly today & after it was dead magets came out of it.  I saw Batman & Honey I Shrunk the Kids again.  Mom's students came over, well some of them.  She just left them alone & hoped they would leave.  They did about 6:00.  Tommorrow is Adrina's last day at work Boo!  Now we can't get anymore movies from there.  Yeah!  I might get to see her more.  Todoloo!

I did a quick clean of my room when I was supposed to be in bed.  It took me about 2 min.  My mom didn't believe me.  I told her I hadn't pulled the handle to hard.  She made me go look and it wasn't even running.  The Braves (my team) beat the Pirates (Dad's team) 1-0.  Today was the opening of the Olypics.  They didn't have any competion.  Aloha!

I went to Youth Force it was awesome.  We played kickball, had a lesson, played in the gym, and got to do what ever we wanted.  Rainelle chased me around after I taged her.  I helped Brandon out.  We learned about Agape love.  Farewell!

I might have made up a new weapon.  It is a kind of gun.  I am going to perfect my bow & arrow & my new weapon.  I'm on my last of 5 books from the library.  My room is back to a mess.  See ya!

I saw a bunch of Olpics today.  I'm still getting better on my bow & arrow.  Adrina went to bed early today 1:30.  My parents bedroom finally got a door.  My new weapon I made stinks.  I'm have my B-day party on the 31 of this month.  I starting to work out again.  Bye Bye!

We went to Buckroe Beach with Aunt Rosyln, Uncle Mike, and Darin it was real fun.  Vishal called me we talked for a long time.  I can make a cool airplane out of tinker toys.  I also had a war game with my tinker toys.  Over & Out!

Tommorrow is my B-day party.  Only 2 boys are coming.  Andre came over.  I went swimming the first time in a while.  I got some more books from the library I got 7 new books to read.  My swimming mask is finished.  I should be getting a new one from my party.  There are about 5 or 6 people coming mostly girls.  I got up super late about 3:00.  Well I'll be seeing you!

It is my B-day party today.  I did horrible at bowling.  Vishal & Paul are staying over.  I got a bunch of cool stuff: bow & arrow, walkman, dancing pespi can, puzzle, new scrabble game, and 2 watches.  Bye Bye!

I went to a cookout a grandma Norman's house we played a bunch of differnt stuff.  Paul came too.  I doing pretty good on my puzzle.  I felt a little drowsy today, and fell asleep a few times.  Paul will be here until Mon.  Farewell!

Paul is here, but he will be leaving 10:00 am tom.  He loves to play Sega.  He eats quite a lot, and he is very picky.  I kind of can't wait until he leaves.  He is asleep while I'm writing in you.  He says he likes our church.  Me & Rainelle are getting closer I say good-bye & so does she, we talk, and when she was in her van going home I waved & she waved back.  Next time dude!

Paul left at about 5:00 pm.   I couldn't wait until he left.  My light is broken so I got a lamp from downstairs.  There are bugs all over the place.  I saw a HUGE moth, and tried to kill him.  I haven't put my tent back up so I'm lying on the floor.  So long!

I got my walkman working it can play outloud & record.  I haven't put my puzzle together, but I will.  My walkman is backward off is on & on is off.  I haven't put my tent up yet.  I re injured my foot for the 5 or 6 time it hurt too.  My lamp needed a new light bulb.  Less than a month of vacation left.  I have to go to the dentist tom.  We will be starting our vacation soon.  Bye!

The dentist wasn't so bad.  Mostly it was cool.  I still don't know about asking Rainelle out.  I still might or might not.  Me & my sister have been playing (Taps) downstairs for the last few days.  I don't know if I am going to put my tent back up.  I recored the Tiny Toon opening song today.  My fan takes a long time to start I think it is kind of broken.  Later alligator!

We went to Dunkin Donuts at about 12:35 am.  I saw a lot of Olympics.  We are starting vacation tommorrow.  I think were going fishing.  I think some one is taking my money.  I'm going to be a buissiness person next year.  I almost got into trouble with my mom about giving her a hint about a game, but I didn't.  I'm going to give Rainelle a card for her B-day.  See ya!

We went fishing from 12:00 am to 5:20 am  I caught 8 or 9 fish.  Everybody caught at least one, but some of them we had to throw back.  We brought about 10.  We are going to cook some of them.  The olympics are almost over.  On the way back home dad was sleepy.  I had to keep him awake.  It was scary.  Farewell!

We went on a picnic today it was pretty fun.  We also went bowling.  I beat everyone once.  We went to Kettle and I rode in the back of the truck.  We were bowling for 3 hours.  We also played frisbee in the park, and rode bikes.  It is 4:20.  Aloha!

We went to the Olive Garden to get dinner it was good.  I left the left-overs there.  I had Cannilo.  We didn't do anything else.  It rained hard.  My dad vacummed a while.  I was real tired I went to sleep early.  Good Bye!

We went to putt-putt.  I tied my dad in the first game & didn't care in the second.  I got a few hole in one's.  Next time we go we'll have 3 games all ready.  Dad is finally cutting up the fish.  Golfing was fun.  I had dinner at Rock Ola Cafe.  So long!

We went to the beack it was fun.  We went to see Class Act.  It should have been R, but it was PG-13.  At the beach Adrina legs started to itch, but we don't think it was jelly fish.  We went to Red Lobster to eat dinner.  I ate a big thing of food.  I got to stay up late tonight.  Next time dude!

Today we went to eat at Captain George's.  I wasn't very hungry.  I saw She-Devil on tape with the rest of the family.  We were going to go skating, but they didn't have the right sizes.  My dad didn't want to pay for a movie so we came home.  By the end of She-Devil I wasn't feeling good.  Bye!

We went to see a League of their Own.  It was a good movie.  I re-rented R.B.I. 3 for Sega.  My parents got 3 movies I can't watch.  It is 6:07 in the morning.  I better be going to sleep.  I bought 4 jack sets for $1.00.  We also went skating Dad had a real good time.  I didn't.  We went to Apple Bee and Adrina found a fly in her food.  See ya!

I made a card for Rainelle, but I not sure if I am going to give it to her.  We went to see Sister Act.  It was a funny movie.  We got junk food groceries.  Chocalate & candy.  It has been raining hard & the din was floded yesterday.  We went to Darryl's to eat.  Farewell!

Adrina & I were going to see Three Ninjas, but it was sold out.  We ended up going to the dollar store.  I bought a lot of stuff.  I spent about $9.00.  I got a gold chain from the dollar store.  I'm going to wear it tommorrow.  I made an envelope for my card to Rainelle.  I going to tell her not to open it unto she gets home.  Todolo!

My dad put back the carpet in the din.  I got Adrina to give Rainelle her birthday card.  Adrina said she didn't look suprised.  I saw Chris Bost for the last time today.  He had come back from a mission trip.  I don't know if I will be able to face Rainelle ever again, but I will.  I hope it doesn't turn into the same thing that happened with me & Lacey.  I will be going back to school in 2 weeks 2 days.  I sat by two people I had never seen before.  One of them had a huge nose & the other had teeth worse than mine.  I cleaned up my room sort of.  So long!

I beat R.B.I. 3.  I had to face a made up team called Tengen.  They had people with 360 batting average 70 homeruns, and pitches up to 112!  I beat them 10-1.  I rented Arch Rivals & Streets of Rage.  It is real hot.  My dad put my fan in my window so I could get some air.  Later dude!

Today is Rainelle's B-day.  If I knew her number I might call her.  The two games I got are crap.  Me & my dad might go get some school stuff tom.   I found some would I might build some thing tom.  My dad is going to wake me up at 11:00.  My bean bag is losing stuffing.  Aloha!

I cleaned my room today for no reason I better get a quarter.  It's about 3:00.  I stacked all my dictionaries on top of each other.  I went & got most of my supplies for school.  A lunch bag & everything.  My room looks half-decent.  I got to go.  Bye Bye!

I didn't eat until late.  I beat Adrina in a real scrabble game.  By about 40 points.  I'm taking on Mom tommorrow.  I don't know where my scrabble game is.  I cut up my jeans.  I also made a mask.  It looked kind of stupid.  See ya!

I forgot to play mom because they went to a party at Pastor Ron's House.  I went outside & played with Chris.  I ate a lot today for dinner: 4 pieces of chicken 2 pieces of corn & french fries.  I could start a jello business.  I getting good with my rope.  We are going to Busch Gardens tom.  I saw a game were the Braves should have won, but didn't.  Thanks to the umpire.  Farewell!

We went to Busch Gardens it was fun.  I went on the Big Bad Wolf 5 times.  I got a lot of cotton candy & at it too.  The place we went to eat was good Sammy & Nicks.  They had a peg board.  I had the lowest score the most times.  We played Black Jack in the lines at Busch.  I should see Rainelle tom.  I go back to school in about 9 days.  I saw a squirrel that wasn't afraid of people.  We saw a pretty cool show.  If I went tom. It would only be $7.00 to get in.  I have bug bites all over my body.  Next time dude!

I put my tent up probably for the last time this summer.  Brandon Exford came over to play.  All we did was play Sega.  I didn't go to Youth Force because my mom wasn't there.  I talked to Rainelle.  Some girls did a dance & messed up.  We went to Western Sizzler.  Josh & Brandon were there.  That's all folks!

Happy fourth month anniversary.  I have been writing in you for that long.  We went to putt today.  I lost in the golf game, but I won in skeeball.  I used a $1.25.  I had a whopper for dinner.  I beat my mom in a scrabble game.  I finished a book.  My dad is taking out a pipe in the kitchen.  Over & Out!

It is 1 week until school starts.  I read a whole book today.  Henry & the Clubhouse.  I beat my mom again in scrabble.  I'm getting ready for school.  I got 10 pack of gum & 2 muskerteer bars.  We went to get groceries.  We are going to play pool sometime.  My dad fixed the pipe & my bathroom I going to trace Garfield tom.  Well See ya!

I just found out my bed sheets have been glued down to the bed.  I sneaked around with my bow & arrow.  I'm going for a 3 game sweep of my mom tommorow.  I got my schelule for school.  I have Mrs. Daly for home room.  I saw a bunch of stuff in baseball today 3 homeruns 3 errors, and a shutout.  Almost a no-hitter.  My dad brought me a 144 pieces of lead.  I finished two packs of bubble gum so far.  I'm going to sleep in my bed soon.  This is how I will sign my name this year [Ron with a bubbly R].  Bye Bye!!

I talked to Lindsey part of the day about school.  I have a toothache now.  We're taking Adrina back Sat.  I'm going to have to miss Bennette's B-day party.  4 days until school.  I found out some people who are leaving.  We went to Sam's Club a new store.  It's like Price Club.  I colored my homework notebook.  I got my bed unglued.  Farewell!

Me & my mom searched through all my clothes to see which ones are too small.  I made a few shorts.  We are going to be getting up about 4:30.  I made my own scope bottle.  I saw the Super on tape.  I started playing with my gameboy again.  Aloha!

Adrina had a big room.  I don't like her roommate I'm tired.  I got a new mini-basketball 2 days until school.  I would have rather gone to Bennette's B-day party.  I'm going to get some stuff after church tommorrow.  I did some thing at a store everyone wanted to know about.  So long!

Brandon came over to spend the night.  I have a smile that could get me anything.  I got a calculator from Mrs. Gloria.  I was flurting with Rainelle.  I sang a song Rainelle & her brother Kenneth.  I really didn't want to but I did.  In a while crocdile!

Tommorow is school Yee ha!  Me & Brandon played pool today we are going to ask each others girls out.  He is going to ask Rainelle out for me & I'm asking Nicole Pitts. for him.  If they both say "yes" we are going to double date.  Aloha!

First day of school it was ok.  I'm going to do a smart move tommorrow.  We have 6 6th graders in the morning & 6 6th in the afternoon on the bus.  I don't really like lockers but they are ok.  Mrs. Harris video taped the first day of school.  I got to sit in the back.  Christy is coming too.  I think I can get use to my schedule.  A lot of homework first day.  Later dude!

I am not sure I want to take out door ed.  My book bag is to heavy.  The second was worst than the first.  Even though I know where I am going kind of.  I forgot a homework assignment, but I didn't get in trouble.  I had to change today.  See ya!

I went down to practice with the flag.  I stayed with April & Amanda Watson.  Me & Amanda were spying on these two girls.  I saw a praying mantis.  We pretended we had twins.  I ran a mile & 1/5 today no problem.  I going to be busy with my bowling league, cross country, & field trip with out door ed.  I going to bed about 11:00.  Bye!

I'm going bowling tommorrow.  The day after tommorrow I could have a girlfriend of a rejection from Rainelle.  I forgot some homework today.  I think Bennette and Erin might like me but I doubt it.  Lindsey could like me too she keeps calling me.  I'm going to stay over Brandon house tom.  Farewell!

I slept over Brandon's house he has a lot of stuff to do at his house.  I found a five dollar bill.  Me & Brandon invented a new game PIP.  Neither one of us got a rejected or a girlfriend we won't ask.  I got to carry up the flag in a song.  Later dude!

I did some homework today.  I will probably have fun tommorrow.  I hope Rainelle is there.  I'm going to try to be a puppet at church.  I found a new rope.  I get 50 cents for cleaning my room.  I hope all of my friends are at the picnic.  Hidey Ho!

The picnic wasn't that fun.  We had to leave early.  My dad's brother got a new house, and we had to go see it.  The family was there.  Grandad Norman gave me $20.00.  Grady A's ear got torn off :(, but I will sow it on soon.  Brandon nor Rainelle was at the picnic.  So long!

I told everybody I had a new song, and they believed me!  I didn't have any homework.  I'm going to order some books.  I got a new haircut.  It looks cool.  My mom pinned Grady A's ear on.  I'm doing pretty good in Cross Country.  Signing off!

I ran today & only shaved 2 seconds off my time.  I figured out a problem in class faster than anyone.  I cut myself with a razorblade.  I talked to Lindsey, Erin, Vishal, and Matt on the phone today.  I don't really like Outdoor Ed but it is O.K.  I bought some slime & a poster thing.  I hope BLR is at church Sunday (B - Brandon L-Lacey R-Rainelle).  Sinara!

I figured out another problem before anyone.  I don't like out door that much, but it is too late now.  I might have to miss the first trip.  My mom made some chocalate chip cookies.  Math is my favorite subject.  I like it a bunch.  I gave my dad a problem he hasn't tried to figure it out yet.  So long!

I talked to a lot of people on the telephone.  Math is my favorite subject.  I ate 11 chocalate chip cookies today.  Vishal asked Lindsey out. She said NO.  I failed a quiz today in SS.  I think Lindsey and Bennette like me.  I've been running around.  Ta Ta!

I went to see Joe Gaita race in his car he came in 5th.  I made up new initials for church people.  BLAR.  Now it is Brandon, Lacey, April/Amanda, Rainelle.  I saw a lot of my friends at the racetrack.  Nicole liked Jordan Johnson.  The slime I bought shrank.  I had a full bottle, and now it is less than half.  See ya!

The word is out everyone knows I like Rainelle.  Lacey dug it out of me.  I saw her tonight.  I had some words with Josh today.  We went over to a picnic at their house.  My mom said she is going to quit her job.  By next sunday evening everyone in the world will know I like Rainelle.  I think she still likes me.  Astalavista!

Another day of school I got my F quiz back.  If I go on the retreat at school I will dance with all the girls or none.  I think more girls like me now than ever before at one time Lindsey, Lacey, Rainelle, Bennette, April, and maybe Elizabeth & Amanda.  Mark is going to ask Lauren Jones out.  I hate S.S. more than french.  I rule this town.  Farewell!

We made a protest about our S.S. homework.  I got everything for Out Door Ed.  I got another pair of shoes.  We might be having the mile tom.  Bennette said bye to me.  I'm reading a cool book.  I might be getting back into sewing.  Late dude!

Guess who called me today, Rainelle.  Twice I think she might still like me.  I'm going to talk to her Sunday or maybe sooner.  They have a lot of season premires coming on along with some new shows.  I almost have all my stuff for outdoor ed.  I finished my new favorite book today.  I almost didn't get to eat lunch today I left my lunch upstairs, but I got to eat a part of it 5th period.  We are having the mile tom.  I also have two big test.  Two of my posters fell down.  I put my arm around Amanda friendly trust me I like Rainelle.  Astalavista man!

I rode 10 miles in 40 minutes.  Lindsey called me again.  I stink in cross country.  I am 2nd to last.  I got presidently.  I can't wait to see Rainelle on Sunday.  I got a B on my social study quiz.  I though I had an A++.  I read a story where the boy doesn't get a call from a girl until he is in his teens.  Bye for now!

I went hiking 3 miles today in outdoor ed.  I rode my bike in under 40:00 minutes for 10 miles.  I'm going to make another pillow.   The view on the trip was awesome.  We had a good gourp.  That is like trail mix.  I had a fun time I finished all my homework tonight.  See ya!

Derius & Nikki came over.  Oh great there spending the night.  What horror is coming.  They are really get on my nerves.  I won't be able to find anything tommorrow.  They are kind of Derius is showing me his underwear.  I hope they don't come to my church tommorrow.  I hope there having fun.  My other pillow should be by Tuesday.  Aloha!

April almost cut her toe off.  Rainelle sat behind me today in church.   During the Kids Crusaude she sat beside me for a while then moved one down.  I sat one seat down from her the entire time.  Except when she was beside me.  I think I rode 20 miles.  I bought a piece of junk from a pair of little girls for 25 cents.  That was really stupid.  I got in a good fight at church.  Just in case you are still wondering April did it with a lawnmower.  Me and Lacey are coming back to old times almost.  Later dude!

I sat close to Rainelle again.  Mrs. Sharron knows I like Rainelle it seems.  I'm starting to get closer to her, and farther away from Brandon.  I'm losing my touch for funny.  I'm breaking apart from Eran, Josh, and Brandon.  I won a Who's Who thing at school.  I might become a loner.  I hope the books I ordered are coming in soon.  I bid you farewell!

Today is the autumn equinox.  So what.  We learned about that on Math & S.S.  I got a complement from Grandma at church.  My mom is giving me time to write in you.  Now I going apart from Rainelle and getting closer to Lacey.  Tommorrow is the last day for the kids crusaude.  Not many kids have been coming.  You could come in 10 minutes late & still get a 3rd row seat.  Maybe a second or first row seat.  I don't like Eran anymore.  We are making paper airplanes at school.  Hidey Ho!

In the end of the Kids Crusaude tonight The puppet team said they might have seen demons.  I was singing my lungs out.  Me and Lacey are still getting closer.  Me, Brandon, and Rainelle are getting closer again.  Me and Matt are doing a skit.  Some lady was weird.  I came in 16th for my first cross meet.  Our team one the whole event.  My dad says I am selfish.  I don't think I like Rainelle anymore.  Next time!

I broke my flashlight.  So What Who cares.  We had a bunch of quizzes today.  Tommorrow is the retreat our book order came in.  I got 5 books.  We had a pep rally today.  I had to run under cheerleaders.  It was O.K.  See ya!

It is the retreat day.  We won't have much homework.  I danced with all the 6th grade girls except for Amanda.  I danced with Bennette about 5 times.  When I first started dancing about 4 girls were fighting over me.  We went on a ferry ride.  It was stupid.  We put on skits.  I'm having fun.  Bye!

Today we played tug of war and egg toss at the retreat.  We played basketball game.  I rarely ever got the ball.  I took a nap and cleaned my room.  The retreat was alot of fun.  I also ran a 17:33 mile at Dozier.  I think we are having elections Monday.  I'm meeting Rainelle outside church tom.  Later dude!

I finished my homework.   Rainelle still likes me.  I was late so I miss Rainelle.  The cold I got is leaving.  I'm doing better than I thought I would at school.  I'm not the smartest, not even close to the fastest, and I'm losing my funny.  I'm still an all around person.  Over and Out!

Rainelle has been calling me a lot lately.  I'm running for Secratary.  I could have run for Vice Pres but I didn't.  Guess who else is running for Sec. Mark!  I loss some votes already.  I told on Amanda & Bennette now they are mad at me plus Brooke E.  I found out that 17:33 mile was really 2 miles!!  Last year I ran for Pres. and beat Mark.  Bon voyage!

I ran 3 miles today.  Tom. is my second cross country meet.  I want to place in the top ten.  I ran two miles in under 17 minutes it took me 16:59:72.  I made it by 28 tenths of a second.  I just had a cool thought a few min. ago.  Here it is Another day to live is another blessing from God.  I'm making one of my teeth loose.  I may have forgotten my Our Door Ed homework.  Signing off!

Today I cut my time by a minute.  Instead of 16 I ended up coming in ....8  Ya Ho!!!  I'm out of the running for Secratary.  I hope I get class rep, but I doubt it.  I'm going to get up to 3 miles and stay there.  See ya!

I was right I didn't get class rep.  I'm going to get a zero for an activity.  My tooth is coming out soon. I'm going to buy a Garfield book.  I did poorly on my 2 quizzes today.  Farewell!

My tooth fell out.  I put money in the bank.  I have 55.17 in there now.  I think my report card will be pretty good.  I'm getting up to $20.00 in quarters and putting the rest in the bank.  School is O.K.  Bye!

Today we went to see Adrina we gave her some of her winter clothes.  My dad owes me $200.00 in toys.  I'm still only getting two dollars an A that is cheap.  We went to Mrs Swinton's house Me and mom were supposed to stay over there, but I forgot my shoes so I came back home with dad.  I'm glad I did not want to stay over there house.  We had dinner at Red Lobster.  Today was pretty fun.  Aloha!

I stayed home all day today.  I played a lot of racketball.  I did pretty good.  I won't get to see Rainelle until next Sunday probaly.  I like her again.  I don't think I ever stopped liking her totally.  I only have $15.25 in quarters.  I just put a new eraser on the pencil I use to write in you.  I have to go to bed at 8:30 tonight.  I've had four snickers today.  I think my mom is kind of unfair.  Later dude!

I kind of messed up on my practice run today thanks to my dad.  When we started to go home I started crying.  I don't know why, but I did.  I wrote about a tree I climbed when I really didn't climb it!!  I wrote a good story in writing process.  I am trying a new kind of toothpaste.  It has baking soda in it.  I bought some silly puddy.  One grows and expands.  My parents are going crazy over a little piece of paper that was homework.  I have to get a shot tom.  I will leave right in the middle of SS!  Ta Ta!

Today I left school to go to what I thought was an appointment to get a shot.  Me and my dad ended up waiting 1 h 30 min and then instead of just a shot I got a whole physical.  The whole thing took 2 h 30 min.  She had to check my weiner.  She touched it with rubber gloves on.  People at school think I am insane because I talk to Ron.  Which to them makes it seem I am talking to myself.  I missed S.S. Science and P.E. totally.  I also missed a little of Study Hall and Math.  This has been hard writing in you.  I still got my shot, but it didn't hurt.  Thank goodness.  I found out I have hay fever.  I have another run tom.  I hope I do very good.  Until tom.  Bye for now!

I came in 7th place at our cross country meet today.  I moved up another space.  I beat Pelham right at the end of the race.  I left my lunch upstairs, but they let me go get it.  Since I wasn't there yesterday when they said to put your lunch downstairs in the morning.  I hate riding with Mrs. or Mr Harris in the morning it is so boring.  We pitched tents today in Ourdoor E.D. what fun.  Me and Alec's tent is crazy.  It is torn and has a lot of strings missing.  We are having a school dance the 16th  I doubt if I will be able to go.  It ends at 10:00 pm.  That's all folks!

Me and Vishal are going to play a big joke on Brooke E.  We are going to write her love letters.  Until next Thursday when we will dump her.  We just hope we can't get in trouble for doing this!  I did it to Vishal today.  I missed the bus today.  I was in line then realized I had forgotten my lunch box etc.  So I ran back up to get it and when I came back down the buses were gone.  I waited a few minutes Mrs Procyson ended up taking me to Menchville.  I told my mom, but she forgot about it.  I got a 95 1/2 on a Social Studies test .  I failed a P.E. quiz.   We are getting our report cards Wednsday.  I got kind of sick in P.E. today we were talking about blood and stuff.  Me and Vishal already wrote the note for tommorrow for Brooke.  Next time!

I am going to sleep over Josh's house tonight.  We went to the Chotes' house it was fun.  I taught a girl named Ashley to add and sub. without using her fingers.  We were playing in a room we weren't supposed to be in.  We are going to Washington D.C. tom.  Later!

We ate at Old Country Buffer in the morning.  We met up with the Exfords and headed for Washington D.C.  We couldn't find the hotel we were staying in at (Best Western).  W ehn we did we found it was were we cam in at.  I bought a Optic Wonder.  We did a lot of walking and a little bit of seeing.  The first day was boring.  Signing off!

We woke early this morning.  I learned how to play Casino.  I bought a klidescope.  I beat Brandon in 5 races.  We went to some more museums.  Today was O.K.  I dont like Joe anymore he is a dork.  I saw Rainelle tonight I don't think she likes me anymore.  Bye!

I am getting an A- in Social Studies, A+ in Math, and an A in Science.  We are getting our report cards Wed.  I went out to run, but I got a cramp and did the worst mile and a half I have ever done.  I don't have a lot of homework, but I make it seem like I do.  The trip I took to Wash. was over all dumb.  We are having our last cross country meet this Wed.  I am going to get a ribbon.  I taught the kids on my bus casino.  I don't like Rainelle anymore.  I don't like anyone.  I'm getting to bed kind of early 9:45.  So long!

Mrs. Harris only picked me up about 5 minutes late today.  That is a big improvement.  I left my book bag in my mom's car and she went somewhere.  When she came back I did my homework.  I talked to Lindsey on the telephone for a long time.  I was supposed to clean my room, but I didn't.  We are having our last cross country meet tom.  We are get our report card tom.  I have to do a project but I dont have any of the materials.  I'm going to start back selling stuff tom.  Sinara!

I came in a crapy 17 place.  I got a huge cramp and had to slow down.  So I didn't get a ribbon.  Next fall I will.  We got our report cards.  I got a B in PE and English that is pretty sorry.  I made 2 new pillows.  One is my D.A.R.E. shirt the other is a pair of shorts.  Everet got 2 B's also.  I don't think anyone in the sixth grade got all A's.  The short pillow I made is super soft.  My parents said if I got all A+ I would get $200.00 dollars!  I might start picking out my own clothes.  I did better my first cross country meet.  See ya!

I got a project in school because they think I'm smart enough to miss some classes.  Adrina is coming home Saturday.  We were running back from the field in P.E. I came in so far in first I was already dressed when some other boys got there.  We had a P.E and Social Studies quiz.  I think I did pretty good on the tests.  Farewell!

I'm starting my own dollar store.  I have a lot of important things I have to do over the weekend.  We went to homecare at Goe and Robin's house they weren't there, but we still had it.  Everyone amazes about my vertical leap.  I just wrapped up a lot of dollar store stuff.  Brian almost bought a ninetedo game, but didn't.  Bye!

Adrina is home from college.  So far it is fun to have her back.  I might finally get to see Rainelle tommorrow.  To bad I don't like her anymore.  You may not believe, but Erin is at the top of my list of girlfriends to be.  I did my homework mostly.  The Braves won the 1st game of the World Series.  I watched Nickelodeon all day.  My dad got groceries.  My mom made strawberry cupcakes for April.  Lindsey called me.  My dollar store could be a success.  My arms are sore.  That's all dude!

I saw Rainelle and Lacey I sat right behide Lacey.  I was about 14 min late for church.  I think Rainelle might still like me.  I'm calling Rainelle Thursday our book report is due Tuesday.  I havent read the book yet.  Later dude!

I left my P.E. clothes at home.  That is a point off my final grade.  I was mad.  My dollar store is crap.  I'm quitting it.  I read my book.  I'm just turning off the T.V. at 10:30.  See ya!

I rewrote my book report this morning I made it longer.  We didn't ride bus 4 this morning Mrs. Carr's sister in law had her baby.  I really dislike Amanda and Carmen.  They are always bugging me in the morning.  I'm always late for homeroom.  I'm trying out for the basketball team.  I found out I am a pretty good skater.  I had a lot of homework, but did it fast with the T.V. off.  I saw a huge cricket and tried to kill it.  I'm doing good this 6 weeks.  Aloha!

In the afternoon I was asking the girls have they had their period!!  Amanda & Carmen didn't bug me barely at all.  I met the new kids down the street they can't speak well.  I'm reading another Garfield book.  Over & Out!

I might not go on my outdoor E.D. trip, but I probaly will.  We had basketball tryouts today.  I missed all eleven lay-ups.  Half of the people who came will be cut.  I hope one is not me.  I think I may have pink eye.  I'm and O.K. shooter.  I failed an Science quiz.  I will be gone Fri, Sat, and Sun if I go on the outdoor E.d. trip.  Bye!

I kind of have a pink eye.  I had to bring my money jar to school to buy some book order stuff.  I never did buy the books.  I left school to check my eye.  We are leaving for our Outdoor E.d. camping trip.  When we got there me and Alec put our tent the farest back.  Dume idea.  We played "Mad Professor".  That is a fun game.  The bathrooms are far away.  See ya!

It's cold this morning.  We had cereal for breakfast.  We had hot-dogs for dinner.  I'm getting to saw wood.  I'm having fun.  Today was overal a warm day.  We have to go to bed at 9:30.  Farewell!