Over the years I have worked a lot of mostly pitiful jobs, and as much as I did not like most of them they have taught me a lot.  If everyone worked these jobs I think we'd all be a little better off.

Food Service - Busch Gardens - 7/96-8/96 - Williamsburg, VA US 
When I first learned that the majority of people in this country are stupid. 

Cashier - Walmart - 6/99 - 8/99 - Newport News, VA
I rang up happy and friendly customers all day...

Librarian - Harvard Psychology Library - 9/99-12/99 - Cambridge, MA
I tried to do homework and ultimately fell asleep alot while waiting for patrons to come into the library.  I was a sleep deprived freshman and it was a small, rarely used library.  Harvard has 100+ libraries so I did not feel the need to stay alert.

Security Guard - Water Country USA - 6/00-8/00 & 6/01-8/01 & 6/03-8/03 - Williamsburg, VA
Walked around alot talking to employees and finding lost children. 

Referee - Harvard Intramural Department - 10/00-4/01 & 9/01-4/02 & 9/02-4/03 - Cambridge, MA
Made a bunch of incorrect calls and got yelled at by players. 

Waiter - Captain George's Seafood Restaurant - 6/01-8/01 - Williamsburg, VA 
I sucked at being a waiter.  I couldn't care less about pleasing people and making them happy.

Intern - National Opinion Research Center - 6/02-8/02 - Chicago, IL

Cashier - Target - 9/03-3/04 - Smyrna, GA

SAT Instructor - Kaplan - 2/04 - Atlanta, GA

Director of Circulation - Conversations Journal - 2/04-7/04 - Atlanta, GA

Team Leader - AmeriCorps/Hands On Atlanta - 8/04-5/05 - Atlanta, GA

Recreation Coordinator - Mount Paran Church of God - 5/05 - 6/07 - Atlanta, GA

Operations Team Member - Mount Paran Church of God - 9/05-2/06 - Atlanta, GA
Straightened rooms and cleaned up around the church.

Chess Instructor - Kid Chess - 2/06-7/06 - Marietta, GA

Credit Counselor - Consumer Credit Counseling Service - 4/06 - present - Atlanta, GA

Founder/Executive Director - Games For Life, Inc. - 1/07-present - Atlanta/Decatur, GA
They say to do what you love.  Well, I love chess, I always want what I do to make a difference in the world, I like to teach, and I definitely enjoying crushing my opponents (even if they are 1st graders). 

Owner - Positive Returns, Survival Information, Christian Sexual Fantasy  7/08-present - Internet