Dear journal, hey dude as you can tell this is my first writing in you the date is April 24 1992.  We just got back from my aunt Laverne's.  She lives in Boston I saw my cousin Jonathon.  My sister got back from U.V.A.  I stayed home.  Bye!

This was Keith & Paula's wedding.  I stayed home again.  I just saw the Trailblazers and the Celtics win playoff games.  Its been fun but I have to go.  Me, my mom, and Adrina went to see Father of the Bride.  When we got home my mother asked me about condemns and I wrote the right answer down about what they were.  Farewell!

I went to church, Lacey was talking about me saying I used to like her to everyone.  Chris said I have her number, I do!  I watched my favorite team the Bulls win a playoff game.  I found out I'm out of shape.  So long!

Mom took me to McDonalds this morning.  I had I won a game of scrabble like always.  Did you know snakes have no eyelids?  Amanda got in trouble in school today.  Lindsey pretended to take pictures.  King of boring. Thank goodness Darin came over that was kind of fun.  He broke my gold chain but I think I fixed it with glue.  See ya!

Mom got me hot cakes again.  On the bus I fell asleep.  At recess I kicked the ball on the roof.  In a tire swinging shoot game I won 4-2-1-0.  My chain broke again in a different space!  I glued it again.  I got in trouble for being late this morning.  It was her fault but she blamed it on me.  Now I have to go to bed at 9 pm.  Wake up on the first try.  Next time!

Today my dad didn't make me lunch even though he could have.  I played a rymhing game with Jon I won we got our S.A.T.s scores back today I had the highest in the class!  I got watch Batman I stayed up 1h 45 min past my bedtime I took apart a telephone halfway.  I made a fuss with Brad about the swing neither of us got to swing for 17 min!  Finally I got Matt off his swing.  Bye Bye

This morning I got up 30 minutes after I was supposed to.  I got in big trouble my mom was yelling at me.  I still was on time.  On the bus I play "truth, dare, double dare, promise, or repeat.  Mallory wouldn't do what she was supposed to.  I think Elizabeth might like me.  Lacey (the girl I used to like) is starting to get on my nerves.  I made a coloring that everyone liked.  My mom got me candy to make up for Easter.  The last Cosby show came on.  See ya later!

My chain broke again I glued it again.  I keep getting in trouble for coloring when I'm not supposed to.  In P.E. we played whiffleball the other team went up to bat twice we went up once and they say they beat us 3-4.  I was the exercise leader.  Michelle fell out of her chair big time!  We took the cover off the pool yea!  Bye dude!

Today my mom was going to take me to water country but by time she got home it was too late to go.  I was outside the whole day.  My dad and I had a talk ABOUT SEX.  I learned how to walk a barrel I'm pretty good.  I tried to kill bees with some stuff yea right.  See ya later alligator!

Today at church I asked Eran, Josh and Bradon if they wanted to go to Water Country.  We ended up not going anywhere of course.  When I got home I just watched playoff games.  Yesterday I stumped my toe.  My mom took me out to Sadies.  I won ten cents on a bet with mom.  I get to do name tag the whole month of May yea!  In a while crocodile!

Today in math me and Mark had an argument about a math problem he mutipled wrong 3 times and the the teacher once.  After all that I was right and the whole class knew it.  I busted him bad.  Down cold busted.  We went on a picnic today the whole way down and back Brooke and Erin stayed right around me.  We played baseball my team won 5-0.  Vishal got mad cause he lost & Paul threw the worst pitches I've ever seen.  I asked Mrs. Carr if we could eat on the bus she said yes.  I ate a lot of food.  Everyone called me a pig.  See ya man.

Today on the bus Brad, John, and Chris were busting on each other I was busting on all of them!  In school I got a D on a math quiz that 2 in a row.  In art some kids acted up Mrs. P. got P.od.  We might have a 5th grade dance if we do I can't go.  We're going to have another skating party.  Bill Ward is a New governor and so is another lady.  Today was my mom's birthday.  I gave her five dollars she loved it!  Later dude!

Today I got to sit in the back sometimes I get too.  Yesterday Mrs. Farnum said I was talking in class but I wasn't.  Mrs. P took me out in the hall to talk about it.  We had to take home five people!  In the afternoon we went down for bus too early and got in trouble by Mrs. Berger.  I had a lot of candy I had gum, cake, oreo's, and some pie!  Bye now!

Today we saw the 4th grade play it was about football.  My parents went somewhere I stayed home in 2h 30 min I got 3 notecards done.  It rained all day our house didn't leak usually it does.  During the play I kept moving my legs so they wouldn't fall asleep.  We were talking about the dance Amanda, Brooke, and Bennette said If I went to the dance I could just dance with friends.  I bought a yearbook for $14.00.  Well see ya!

Today on the bus we locked Mrs. Carr out.  We had a game of whiffle ball.  We were leading 10-0 but in one inning they got fourteen runs they won 14-10.  I watched a show [it] said on May 5, 2000 the earth is going to destroy its self.  I beat the junk out of Pee-Wee Herman I cracked his head his hands and his leg and everything else.  I got an A- on my math test yea!  Adrina is supposed to come home.  I'm tired.  Next time dude!

Today I woke up late.  I watched basketball most of the day.  Then I started to do notecards.  After that I exersized I was running then I stopped I went up stairs got some popcorn and came back down my dad had put his chair right in my way so I couldn't run so I did 100 jumping jack that made me sick.  So when there was nothing to do I went to bed as I was going to bed he got out of the chair!  Bye now!

Today is mothers day.  My mom woke me up 10 min late.  I had to rush her she hates that.  We went to a Sunday school banquet.  In church Chris told me they would be moving in 3 weeks to somewhere in Russia.  I think Me and him were also bothering Lacey and Rainelle.  We went to Sammy Steve's for Mothers Day.  Just about everyone was there.  I also had to finish 8 notecards.  If my mom ever reads this Happy Mothers Day.  Till next time!

Today I had French Toast for breakfast.  You know I was thinking if I should ask Rainelle to go out with me, but I don't think I am.  We had a math something or other.  The best math students from the fourth grade came in Michelle & Johnny.  Then we had the sex ed class.  We were asking dumb questions.  I won a game of catch the frisbee sound easy not when your on a swing swinging!  I watched Kindergarden Cop I was up to 11:00.  Over and Out!

Today in Reading we had a game my team won.  We saw a video in Sex ed.  Today on the playground I had to lift swings over the bar.  We had a skating party.  I went of course I requested Can't Touch This & Everything I do I do it for You.  I was trying to kill Carmen the whole time.  The first couple skate I went with Brad.  It's not what you think.  At the end we had another couple skate I was going to ask Elizabeth if she would go but she was already out there.  So I think Erin wanted me to go with her even if she did I didn't ask.  Me my sister & dad got a little mixed up I thought everyone forgot their was a skating party I was right so I called my dad that morning and told him to pick me up but Adrina showed up so we had to wait for my dad to get there.  Next time man!

This morning I remered we had to have terriam stuff.  My mom and dad both got mad.  Michelle called Carmen a niger everyone including the teachers were mad at Michelle.  We also made terriams Amanda let me use one of her extra holders and plants.  We saw about girls have their periods.  Today at recess we played wall ball, but before we did that I was on the swing then Mrs. Procyson made us start rotating so I left.  I think Lindsey terriam broke on the bus.  I stayed up till 10:00 to watch night court.  We pegged some lady with a tennis ball.  Next time dude!

On the bus me and John played with his velcro thing.  I think I am starting to like Brooke E.  In sex ed we saw a baby come out of a women's virgina.  Cool   During the end of school I was cracking up I was crying I was laughing to hard.  I busted Lauren & Jean they were trying to get me in trouble so I was eating gum (which Mrs. Carr said we could be they didn't hear) so they told on me but they got busted.  Mrs. Carr said that was alright they felt stupid.  The Bulls might take out the Knicks tonight.  I haven't gone to bed at 9:00 This week here are my five days Sun - 9:30 Mon 11:00 Tues 9:30 Wed 10:00 Thurs 9:30 But I have to go to bed at 11:00 on Fri.  I might ask Rainelle out on Sun.  In P.E. we lost another game of whiffle ball.  My sister is starting to get on my nerves.  I won the longest scrabble game ever when it started here were the teams 1 Steven & Mark  2 Me  3 Matt E & Vishal 4 Brad.  At the end me and Brad were left I beat him 130-111.   Bye for now!

Today was the school fair.  Some stayed some went home.  I went home.  I was cracking up again on the bus & in school.  I won another easy scrabble game.  We had part of the phiscal fitence test another presidental.  Vishal beat me.  He lost a gum bet in math I bet him I got some wrong he said I didn't but he lost minus 2.  At first I had minus 5 but I rechecked it & found 3 were right.  I made an alarm system right on my door it works too.  Next time man!

Today was Chris's B-Day.  I didn't go to his B-Day party I forgot.  I ran around the house all day long I also saw Red Sona & The Blob.  I fell a few times but I wasn't hurt.  I also cleaned the bathtub pretty good too.  My mom think I lie about not feeling good when I don't want to eat something.  But I don't lie I really do feel sick I don't know why but I do.  I tried Alkaselter for the first time it's O.K.  I woke up 30 minutes earlier than I was supposed too.  See my mom made up this dumb rule I have to wake up two hours or less of the time I went to bed like If I went at 12:00 pm I would have to get up at 10:00 or later.  I was Mark Ortega win the grand championship on America Gladiators by 1/200 of a second.  My dad rented a U-haul truck for my moms play and it broke down.  See ya in a while dude!

Today I was real late for church because me and my sister had to go eat and come back and pick up my mom.  Chris came over we played with my soccer ball all day until I kidded it on the roof of Menchville.  I think the Bulls beat the Knicks.  When I got to church Danielle had taken over my post the other kids made her get up and she got mad.  Chris R, Chris B, Stephanie, and me played basketball at Chris R's house.  I learned how to throw a frisbee real cool.  My sister and Chris B found out that I like Rainelle forget Brooke.  I'm out of here Bye!

I figured out I sweat a ton.  When I don't play that hard I still sweat.  Carmen pushed Sarah into our scrabble game.  Me, Vishal, and Brad said we were going to beat them up, but on the bus I got in a fuss and I told Elizabeth I was going to beat her up too.  I lost my flashlight.  That I use to write this every night so I used the clocklight.  CJ starting his patrol week.  Possibly one these give girls like me.  Lacey, Rainelle, Brooke E., Mandy, and Lindsey.  The one I like is Rainelle.  So long dude!

I had to buy lunch cause we have no real food in the house.  Sarah believed that I was going to beat her up so she told her mom.  I asked Mrs. Jones if I could read to her class for a book report.  She said she would give anything if I did.  She also said I was one of her best students.  I'll be reading to them 9:00 Wed next week.  Mallory and Diane are in that class.  I made the ultimate pencil today.  It has a ton of stuff on it my terrium is working great.  I let Brooke E., Bennette, and Amanda copy out of my math workbook.  For my report I'm still under  I. Life and already have a page.  Bye Bye dude!

Everyone said my pencil was ok but I know they thought it was stupid so today I made the real ultimate pencil the last one didn't have anything useful this one does it has an eraser, pencil, a page checker, and a note taker.  The best thing is it is not big at all like the last one.  I finished my report finally.  My ultimate pencil is about as long as two pencil the last one was probaly 4 or 5.  This one can not break like the last one too.  Mrs. P. said we can no longer throw swing over the bars to make them higher which I think is stupid.  My mom woke me up 5 min late and made me leave 5 min early which got me really made.  During recess only about half the class came out.  Me and Brad or Vishal will play me for the championship in scrabble at school.  I am the reigning champion.  I'm writing half of this with my new pencil.  My sister helped me a ton on my report.  I hope we don't have math tommorrow I haven't done any homework.  I'm writing this at 11:00 on a school night.  Over and Out!

I went up for my B-day blessing.  My mom woke me up at 6:00 then I had to put on a blind fold for 30 min it was stupid.  Today was my mom's play I was running around a lot talking about running we did the mile I missed presidently by 15 sec as usually I will need a retest.  The hard thing about is she didn't tell us until this morning we are having field day tom I got on the gold team were going to KILL.  I'm writing this really late again 10:50.  Bye for now!

Gold won we had field day I was on gold.  Michelle wasn't there so I went twice in every event.  Brad got mad because I went twice everybody says I am a crab!  Because I can kill in crab walking.  We saw the dumbest movie I've ever seen.  Todolo!

Today was my sister's B-day.  We had a march for Jesus and we went to Darryl's.  On the way back from the march for Jesus I went ahead of my family.  We were going to see a movie, but it took to long at Dino's.  I bought a popper, a pencil sharpener, a color pencil, and a bookmark.  So long!

Aunt Laverne came over at about 11:00 o'clock.  I worked on my project not!  I saw the girl I like guess who?  If you guessed Lacey your wrong!  If you guessed Rainelle your right!  I don't know why I like her but I do.  Later buba!

Today was Memorial Day I stayed home all day except we went to see Beauty & the Beast.  I wrote my report.  Its finally finished!  I think I figured out why I like Rainelle it's because I think she's pretty, smart, funny, christian sometimes nice sometimes nerve racking.  Exactly like Carmen why I don't like Carmen beats me.  The Bulls lost to the Cavs.  I don't know if Rainelle like me, but she could.  Their was a cook out at Josh's house I didn't go.  On the way back from the movie I heard my favorite song.  So farewell!

Today on the bus I was shooting paper on the bus.  I almost got in trouble.   I found my scrabble board behind all these other games.  Me and Brad solved 3 cases on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? but I think Mrs. Wild made up erase them.  I think I might have gotten an F on a map.  They started all reruns again on T.V.  See ya buddy!

My mom is really getting on my nerves.  She asks me to do this and that.  Then she yells at me for no reason at all.  My teacher is starting to get on my nerves too.  She yells as everyone for no reason.  Today two things made me nucisis dog food and my mom's food.  We changed our seating arrangements I'm know sitting by Bennette, Erin, Brooke E., and Amanda all girls all the boys are retarded.  I went down to read to the 1st graders Mrs. Jones' class.  She loved it.  So did the class except Mallory.  I lost my mind this morning I left my lunch here & a check (duh).  Me and my sister went bike riding.  Till later!

We had an assembly today.  I went up for being pres.  I also got a gavel.  I beat my mom in scrabble.  Only by 7 points.  We switched desk again.  I by my self now.  It almost seems as if officer Roth knows we sometimes bust on Michelle.  I think I'm going to start my own business old toys I don't want anymore or I might join Lindsey's and Sarah's candy store.  Just in case it wasn't unamious I LOVE JESUS!!  We had a last SCA party I got to get my food first.  I walked in the class with a cookie in my mouth to make them jealous.  I found a bible behind all this junk in my desk doors.  We had a math quiz everyone probaly did bad so she counted it as a worksheet.  We were supposed to have an English quiz, but we didn't have English.  I'm going to fail that quiz.  I dared Matt to jump out in front of Lindsey.  I had to sit out.  Ohh please don't hurt me.  I did you farewell!

I finished a cool picture at 3:00.  I'm starting a business I made about $2.50.  We did pull ups & flex-arm hang.  On Monday I might get a lot of sales.  Sunday is my B-day I might ask Rainelle out.  I messed up my room totally.  Well see ya!

My dad took me to Captain George's we had a great time.  About a minute after we started to eat I got sick.  It wore off and I was fine.  B-day-Eve.  Yippee.  I'm almost sure I'm asking Rainelle out tom.  I got a hair cut it looks fine.  We got a new VCR.  Adrina rented some tapes for me.  I lost a game of scrabble to my mom.  That's all folks!