I married my beautiful wife on July 7, 2007.  7 is the number of completion in the Bible which works well because <insert Jerry Maguire line here>.

Her personal website is SusanLChapman.com and her blogging site is TrulyAccepted.com

Our History

Brief Timeline


October - We met at a "Kardia" service at Mount Paran Church in Atl, GA.  We became friends and saw each other at church services on Sundays and Thurdays. 


May - We started talking alot more and became interested in each other.
June - We started "dating" on the 1st after spending the day together at a jazz festival.
July - Our first kiss was on the 2nd.


More dating


More dating


Jan - Leading up to the 2nd, I had my pastor send an email out to everyone in our young adults group (or so Susan thought) which said we were having a prayer meeting for the new year in the prayer room at our church.  Knowing that Susan likes to pray I knew she would plan on coming.  I, of course, was in the prayer tower early that day getting ready for her arrival.  When she came in I gave her a belated Christmas present which was actually the words to a song that she had always said she wanted integrated into a proposal.  As she started reading the words, I got down on one knee, brought out the ring, and proposed.  Despite having a speech she thought she would give when the moment came, she was overwhelmed and could only utter the only word I really, really wanted to hear, "yes". 
July - Married on 7/7/07. 
Our honeymoon was a week get-a-way in Dahlonega. 


July - We celebrated our one year anniversary by spending the day at Stone Mountain in Ga.  We climbed the mountain, had a picnic, and watched the laser light show.